The Chief

Chief Alex “The Chief”. He is the boss. He owns the company. Always happy. He likes life and knows how to get most of it. Everybody likes him. And you should!


Gourmet Andrew “Gourmet”. Product manager. Creative person. Likes to command. He is a good judge of anything having taste. Likes good meal, sweet pipe tobacco, Chinese green tea. Hate cigarettes and fast food. Severe and fair.


Suit Dan “Suit”. Project manager. He is a climber and nobody likes him. He is lickspittle. Very unhappy with his life and try to take control over everybody. No way!


MP3 Tony “MP3”. Developer. Nice guy. Because always listen music. MP3 addicted. Always has a lot of discs, his HDD is overfull of music.


Geek Sam “Geek”. Developer. IT geek. Just mad weird man. Likes gadgets, PC, games, coding. Computer is his entire life. There is no place for anything else. Hate Bill Gates and Microsoft (but works under Windows 2K and use Visual C++ … huh!), like Linux, Mac and Palm. Weird.


Pretty Ann “Pretty”. Ohhh…. She is office manager. Every man want like her. She is nice, rather stupid than clever, but very friendly person. Like to talk, chocolate, sweets and girls mags.


Shaggy Maria “Shaggy”. Tester/Developer. Techie girl. Likes to talk to guys as equals. Know all nuts and bolts. Crazy about Tetris and Mario Bros. Dreams about PDP-11.


Slimy Angela “Slimy”. Tester too. Very nice girl, always helpful and cheerful. She likes to read. She reads a lot of classic and scientific books. Nobody knows why she is tester. She’d better to be a rocket scientist.


Fop Rob “Fop”. Support engineer. Victim of fashion. He likes to be cold modern word “metrosexual”. Mad about clothes, shoes, trinkets. Narcissus. He can talk hours about what’s cool and what’s not.


Goggle-eyed Galimjan “Goggle-eyed”. Support engineer. Who gave him a job? Nobody would say he is clever. Simply, simply simpleton. But nice and friendly. Born in Kazakhstan, in little town on the south. Likes Pretty and shy about it.


Warrior Mike “Warrior”. Developer. He is mad about military. Why he works here? He’d better fight somewhere ….. doesn’t matter where. Wears only military-style. Dreams about Kalashnikov and Hummer. Brutal man!

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