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Googol Deskbar 2.0 has been released.

Monday, February 16th, 2009

We’ve released our Googol Deskbar, the second version.

Most of the code rewritten an we added some features.


  • Now you can check and work with your Gmail account using deskbar minibrowser
  • Deskbar is compatible with Vista
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to rise big search box on the desktop
  • Now deskbar supports flash widgets. Hope we’ll include some hot widgets in package

Download it here.


Don’t F**k with the Twitter

Monday, February 16th, 2009

tweeter_birdDo you think before posting your new twit? You  should.

The conflict between National Post technology reporter David George-Cosh and April Dunford, an experienced marketing professional got famous among twitters.

David become furious after hi call April and she doesn’t return his call shortly.

April twitted about that obtaining any names “Reporter to me “When the media calls you, you jump, OK!?” Why, when you called me and I’m not selling? Newspapers will get what they deserve” .

And the battle begun:

sirdavid: @aprildunford what the fuck. I called you for comment two days ago. What did you expect when you called me back? Don’t post that shit online

sirdavid: @aprildunford furthermore, I called you several times in the afternoon. Don’t be condescending to me when I actually wanted to talk to you

sirdavid: @aprildunford how about you stop blasting personal conversations on twitter and call me back. what the hell is wrong with you.

aprildunford: @sirdavid All I did was return your call. I didn’t expect you to do anything. Wow. Like, seriously, calm down.

sirdavid: @aprildunford & then repost everything? & then hang up on me & don’t call back? I’ve recorded everything. U don’t look as nice as u put on

aprildunford: @sirdavid Dude – I never said who you were. Twitter meet David. David is having a bad day. David, meet Twitter.

sirdavid: @aprildunford hey april – fuck you. seriously. fuck you.

sirdavid: @aprildunford if u can’t handle any heat from what u post and immediate hang up, fuck u. u know my number. u call if you want to settle.

aprildunford: @sirdavid Re-read what you have just Twittered. Then re-read what I Twittered. Deep breaths David. Calm.

I like twitter 🙂

How to make money with Twitter

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

magpieNew service is available to help you monetize your  tweets. Meet Magpie. The concept is very clear. Once every 10 your twits service insert ad tweet (they call it magpie-tweet). The text match your topic, that’s clever! You’ll be paid for that magpie-tweets. The service looks very reasonable and if you tweet a lot, I’d recommend to try it out.

Seems that very soon anything in this world will be monetized. Just imagine, 20 years later….. You can earn money by implanting BrainAd – small chip that delivers ad text right into your brain. Every 10 minutes you speak to your friends you tell small ad and get points that you will be paid for.

Do you recall Futurama, where Fry saw advertising in his dreams?