Obama is the Fall Guy

I read interview with Mr. Hazin – renowned economist predicted U.S. financial crisis in 2000 and terrorists attack in 2001.

Obama is strange person. The most strange in whole US history.
He is not from the Establishment. He has strange father and strange mother. He looks like made character. Somebody gets him out and moving forward.
Power elite understand that next administration will face with big problems and won’t keep till the appointed time. There is no any sense to put in White House somebody from own circle. He will fail in any case. They need somebody they don’t care, he will take the blow.

The most painful stage of world crisis is already begun. If US government stops emission, dollar will fall dramatically in 2-3 month. We’ll get the 1929 scenario. If they lower emission – falling down will take 2-3 years. If they make hyperinflation – the economy will crash in 1-1,5 year.
US economy will be cut by one third, world economy – by 20 percent. The planet will be in great depression in 10-12 years. The worst situation will be in US and Europe. Many people will starve, the car will be luxury.

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