Can you believe that people eat this?

This is photos from Chineese market. Just look what they eating! Ugh! They eat even rats.







3 Responses to “Can you believe that people eat this?”

  1. Mobius says:

    Hmmm. What’s wrong with a rat? It’s a small mammal, just like a quail is a small bird. Insects are pure protein, and very healthy to eat. Worms, when fried are said to taste like crispy bacon.

    Here you are, fat as all fuck having gorged yourself on pig noses, lips and assholes for years, and you have the temerity to criticize a healthy diet? Man, you are one seriously messed up individual.

    Vive la difference, moron.

    I’m most amazed that you are so stupid you’d post anything like this on the net, and open yourself up for the biggest flaming you’ll ever get. But hey, I guess being a retard means you also don’t consider the personal consequences of your actions.

  2. mp3 says:

    Hey Mobius, what’s wrong with you?

    Why don’t you write it on YOUR own blog?

    For me it’s not a choice, it’s disgusting. And I don’t say that you shouldn’t eat it.

  3. Dvarzy says:


    Great joke Mobius.

    Do you care about your health? Try our healthy food – fresh rats and cockroaches 🙂

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