Google bug can charge you for nothing

The well-known Google monster spreads his tentacles in almost all areas. A lot of marketers use Google Adwords and that’s really effective. For lots of companies, especially for small ones it’s the major or even the one marketing channel.

I was terrified by though that we depend on Google too much. It’s like Microsoft in the era of PC.

We use Google Adwords for advertising as many other software companies around the world. And on this weekend happened very weird thing. All our ads were stopped. We couldn’t find any reason. Ads were stopped on Saturday. It’s Tuesday now and it still doesn’t work.

Here is the screenshot of our ad campaigns overview before bug occurred. I’ve hided all figures and ad names. It’s a secret 

This how google adwords account looked before bug happend

And here is another screenshot when bug occurred. Zeroes. Far and wide.

This is how adwords account looks after bug happend

When we look in to the billing info we see that payment was accepted.

Billing info

Support told us that problem that the payment hasn’t been processed. But we know that it has been. After mentioning that fact support told that there is a problem. And this problem is not resolved yet.

I used to trust to such big companies like Google, especially if you pay them for something. But this issue showed me a lot. 4 days of failure. Nobody contacted us yet besides that fact that we were assured that someone will contact us shortly. Great service!

We noticed that our ad stopped by a lucky accident. What might happen if we looked into account a month later as we do usually?

This issue making a loss to us but this is not the big think. How can we trust Google services any more?

3 Responses to “Google bug can charge you for nothing”

  1. gourmet says:

    5 days of failure!

  2. Andy says:

    This is happend to us too. Damn!

  3. gourmet says:

    If you know the solution please share it here or mail us. Google support is totally useless.

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